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Water Soluble - 0 THC

Product Review (submitted on June 2, 2019):
My reason for use: PTSD from car accident. Product of choice: 600mg Pina-colada

IT WORKS! COMPLETELY WITH IT. I have been using this daily since Feb 2019. It has helped a ton. I swear by this stuff as it is the only thing (and the Vapes they sell here+ therapy) that has helped reduce my PTSD symptoms. It takes a about 40 mins to fully kick in but lasts through out the day.
I was suffering from Disassociation episodes induced from anxiety where I would lose anywhere from 30 mins to 6 hours in a day, bad sleep from hypertension/hyper vigilance, I couldn't read because I couldn't focus and words would float on the page, and getting in a car for more than 10mins was like a running an anxiety marathon. Since I started using this: my overall anxiety and hyper-vigilance levels have dropped; I don't lose time anymore; I can read for the first time again in 5 years; Driving no longer leaves me completely exhausted; and my sleep is A LOT better. This has honestly been a complete life saver. A little pricey for my college student budget but is completely worth it. I can't put a price on the relief I get from using this.