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0 THC Pet Tincture

Product Review (submitted on June 13, 2019):
I have a beagle and if you know anything about them, they're high strung dogs to begin with. My dog struggles with separation anxiety along with general anxiety. I began using this product around a month ago and have seen such a wonderful difference. He is not "drugged" he is calm, cool and collected. He still loves to play and act like a puppy. At first i felt guilty for seeking an alternative to change his temperament. However i fully believe that he is healthier now than before both mentally and physically. The only thing i will say is that the product increases his desire to drink water. Therefore as a smaller dog our outside time is more frequent. I do not mind this as we spend a lot of time outside in general but for those of you that have smaller dogs and not a lot of time to spend on "potty breaks" maybe keep an eye on their water intake. Over all I am ecstatic with the products and have started to use them for myself.